Find The Tip Percent Calculator – The Step By Step Procedure

In daily life routine, everyone needs to give some amount of tip whether you are in a restaurant or a bar. Most people find this process difficult because they don’t know how to calculate tips in just seconds.

If you are here to get information about the Tip Percent Calculator then you will discover the easiest things, through which you can calculate tip percentage in a short period.

Also, if you had ever a problem figuring out how much percentage you should need to give tip, then now it’s no more problem for you.

Here, you will discover what is the definition of a tip, and also you will get information that how you can easily calculate tip percentages by yourself or with a calculator. So, let’s start!

Tip Percent Calculator

What is simple definition of the Tip?

A tip is a amount of your total bill which you give to some other person who provided us an additional service.

The tip is an amount which expresses our gratitude to other persons and it is common action around every region of the world. Most of the places where tips are used such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, airports, and much more. 

How you can easily calculate the tip percentage?

There are multiple online tip calculators, which will give you tip percentage in a short period and they are easy to use. But the real question arises here what happens when you don’t have any access to these calculators?

There is a solution for this, you only need to remember the formula through which you can easily calculate the tip percentage in your mind.

Around every region of the world, the tip percentage should be between 10% to 15% of your total value of the bill. If you want to give a tip percentage of 10% of your total bill, then Let’s do some practical tip percentage example:

1. Assume, your bill is $120.80

2. If you want to give tip as a 10% of your total bill, then you can move the only decimal point one space to the left side, like:

 Total bill = $120.80 -> $12.08

Means, that 10% of the $120.80, is $12.08

3. If you want to give tip as a 20% of your total bill, then you only need to take the value of 10% and then double it, like:

2 * $12.08, which is equal to $24.16

4. If you want to give tip as a 15% of your total bill, then you only need to divide the value of 10% by 2. After this step, you need to add the current result to the value of 10%, like:

5. ($12.08 / 2) + $12.08, which is equal to $6.04, then add this $6.04 + $12.08,

which gives you result of a $18.12.

How you can give tips on different services?

There is not any difficult thing which you need to do, it is a pretty straightforward step for everyone. If we talk about cafes and restaurants, then you can give tips by leaving money in a covered folder or can give money in any type of box, in which your cafe or restaurant waiter brought your bill.

If we talk about the porters, doormen, tour guides, and drivers are much easier for you. You just hand them the amount of money which you want to give tip them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should everyone need to give tips?

Answer. Giving tips shows gratitude for the service of other people and it is really important to give tips because most of the service industry had little pay for their workers. When you give tips to the workers, then it will support them to raise their families.

2. How to calculate an 18% tip?

Answer. If you decide to give 18% as a tip to the worker, then you can multiply your total bill by 0.18. After multiplying, you will get a total tip which you can give to the waiter or worker.

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