Printable Fraction Decimal Percent Chart PDF / Worksheet

If you are getting problems getting the results in a fraction, decimal, and percent then we will help you to solve your basic statistical problems. Here, we will guide you that how you can convert a fraction into decimal or decimal into fraction, or how to convert decimal into percent and vice versa.

For a better and clear understanding, we give you Printable Fraction Decimal Percent Chart PDF which surely enhances your maths concept. You only need to do is strictly follow the instructions of this article and then you will able to solve the various mathematical queries.

Printable Fraction Decimal Percent Chart PDF

How can you differentiate the Fraction, Decimal, and Percent?

The decimal term is known as a specific number according to its unique place value. Also, keep in mind that decimal points are only used to separate the overall numbers from the other number whose values are less than one.

On the other hand, a percent is a specified number for every hundred, and the fraction is known as the numerical quantity which is not a complete number.

We give you an easy concept for a better understanding of the terms decimal, fraction, and percent. Moreover, keep in mind that decimal, percent, and fractions are the different ways to get the result of the same values.

Example of Conversion Chart:

DecimalFraction Percent
0.331/3 33%

How to easily convert Fractions?

Let’s consider the example of fraction1/2. In this example, the 1 number is known as the numerator, which gives you the idea that it is the total number of parts that you have.

On the other hand, the 2 number is known as the denominator, which gives you the idea that it is the total parts of the whole. So, if you want to convert a fraction into a decimal, then you must need to follow the given steps:

  • Divide 1 (numerator) value to the 2 (denominator), after this you will get 0.50.

To convert a fraction into a percent, then:

  • Firstly, you should need to convert the fraction to decimal terms.
  • Then, you should multiply the recent result only by 100, or also you can move the two decimal points to the right side.
  • In our above example, if you convert fraction 1/2 into a percent then you will get a 50% answer.

How to easily convert decimals number to fractions?

If you want to convert a decimal number into a fraction, then you need to repeat the above process only in reverse. For example, .63/1 will change its position to 63/100, when you multiply the numerator and denominator by 100. Another example, .05/1 will change to 5/100, after simplifying the fraction down to 1/20. It means .05 is equal to 1/20.

Some other examples:

1. From Decimal to Percent

  • There is an easy way to multiply by 100 is to only move the decimal points to the two places on the right side.
  • Now add the % (Percent) sign to the result.

2. Fraction To Decimal

To easily convert a fraction to a decimal, you just need to divide the top (numerator) number only by the bottom (denominator) number.

  • Suppose, we need to convert 2/5 to a decimal.
  • So, we only need to do is simply divide 2 ÷ 5, which is equal to 0.4

Listed Questions Answers

1. Why decimal to fraction chart use?

Answer. You can use charts between any mathematical term such as decimal to fraction, fraction to percent, percent to decimal, and much more for ease during conversion. So, make sure to print out these decimal, percent, and fraction charts or store them as a PDF file.

2. Is it efficient for me to have a printable fraction, decimal, and percent chart during conversions?

Answer. If you don’t use conversion charts then it will take more time for you to convert. So, it’s a great strategy to keep conversion charts with you.

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