How To Find The Payout Percentage On A Slot Machine

Lots of people want to earn a handsome amount of money through different slot machines. But the only fear which stops people to play slot machines is that they think there is some professional knowledge required to get a high payout percentage from slot machines. The fact is that you don’t need any type of special skills to play actively on a slot machine.

If you are a person who doesn’t know How To Find The Payout Percentage On A Slot Machine. Then don’t worry because we give you detailed information to boost your odds by playing slot machines with higher payout percentages.

Like other casino games, winning back more amount of money will give you great odds of beating the casino. But how this process is made easier with other popular slot machines? For this purpose, we are going to discuss what the payout percentage is for those who have very little information about this concept. So, let’s jump into further details!

How To Find The Payout Percentage On A Slot Machine

The basic facts about Probability, Payout Percentage, and Return to player


Probability is the mathematical branch that deals especially that how likely a coming event is to happen. It is an important method for you which give you a clear idea that how many chances of winning you have.

Payout Percentage & Return to Player:

Payout percentage and return to player both are the same things. Some statistics refer to expectation and others refer to the actual results, but most the writers use the return to player and payout percentage interchangeably.

Keep in mind that payout percentages are added always to the house edge which is equal to 100%. The payout percentage is the specific amount of every bet that you will get back, and the house of the edge is the amount in which each bet the casino wins. Therefore, these numbers are on average for the long run.

How to find payout percentages which are based on actual results?

Of course, to find payout percentage you need to gather some data which directly get or observe when you are playing on the slot machines. It is an enjoyable process for you to track the data and also calculate the payout percentage for a specific session of the game. This process will make your mind more active because you’ll pay attention to what’s happening on the slot machine.

All you just need to do is start tracking how many spins you are enough making per hour. It is a really easy step, but it might take more effort than you think in your mind. Use of the timer function on your phone is a great strategy and it will give you a clear note that how much you are betting in each spin. Moreover, you also need to note how much money you started and how much you have lost or won. Then slot machines will convert your money into credits.


If you made 300 spins in just only 45 minutes. Also, you are betting $3 per spin and started with $600. After the playing session, you had only left $500. At that time you were up, and at the time you were up.

The net loss was only $100. So, over 300 spins on the slot machine, you lost an average each spin of only 33 cents. Like $100 is losses divided by 300 spins, 33.33 cents per spin.


You cant properly find out the payout percentage on a slot machine, but at least it is a fun and joy-able action for you. Calculating payout percentages in the short run is not an easy task for anyone, but your mind will be more active during the game. With the given methods, you can easily find the payout percentage on any slot machine.

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