How To Calculate Save Percentage – Step By Step

In every game of the world, whether it is hockey, soccer, lacrosse, or water polo, some unique and effective formulas give you authentic results in the end.

You can calculate save percentage within seconds using one of the powerful and attractive formulas.

So, if you want to know How To Calculate Save Percentage then you are in the right place to get information. There are specific terms to calculate the save percentage.

Matches aren’t just about one thing but about multiple things. For this purpose, saving percentage is the only choice for you. So, let’s dive into depth details!

How To Calculate Save Percentage

What is the calculated save percentage?

A goalie’s save percentage is the percentage of shots on goal he or she makes when they are saved.

Keep in mind that a higher save percentage is a clear sign of a goalie who allows only a few shots into the goal net.

Also if you had a lower save percentage then it is a clear sign of the goalie that it only allows those shots into the goal net.

Do you also want to use the same percentage? Of course, you do because it saves you lots of time and you don’t need to put any hard effort into the results.

In hockey, soccer, water polo, lacrosse, and other sports with goalies, this statistic is very useful.

How can you easily calculate the save percentage?

The working and processing of save percentage are simple and efficient for you always.

  • Save Percentage = Saves ÷ Shots on Goal

1. Where Saves are:

There are a total number of goals that the goalkeeper saves or stops successfully.

2. Where Shots are:

Taking shots against the goalie or directing your actions towards the net so that either the goaltender is successful in stopping it or it goes directly into the goal.

3. Save Percentage:

Save a percentage of the goalie.

Important Tip:

  • The important which you need to keep in mind is that you do not include those shots that are from the shootout. It means shots the shots which are blocked by the non-goalie player or those shots that are missed into the net.
  • Keep in mind that you do not need to add empty-net shots unless you complete the process of calculating the save percentage of the desired team.

Example to calculate save percentage:

The below example shows you how to calculate save percentage and this is given by the total number of goal shots and a total number of shots, which are saved by the goalie.

So, we determine 500 shots on the goal and the next to determine is how many a total number of saves. So, we assume 475 saved shots.

Using the above formula of save percentage, you can finally calculate the save percentage of this example:

S% = Tsave / Tshot *100

S% = 475 / 500*100

S% = 95%

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Save Percentage in Hockey?

Answer. It gives you the results which come with the authentic formula of save percentage. The total percentage of the shots on goal net which are successfully stopped by the goalie.

2. How to calculate save percentage in Hockey?

Answer. Keep in mind that you don’t need to add blocked or missed shots while calculating save percentage in hockey. You only need to add a total number of saves divided by the total number of shots.

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