Percent Mass Calculator In Chemistry Volume, Change etc

If you have difficulty finding the ratio between the mass component in a substance and the total mass of the substance, then the Percent Mass Calculator will help you in this matter.

Lots of people are also confused about the difference between percent composition and mass percent. So, in this review, you will get all the information, which gives you a better understanding of the percent mass calculator. Are you ready to dive into depth details, Let’s start!

Percent Mass Calculator

What is the percent Mass Calculator?

This calculator is a very useful tool that helps you to calculate the overall ratio of the mass component in a substance with the total mass of the substance.

So, here we represent the percentage %. keep in mind that you need to add the mass of solute and solvent of the desired solution, it is good for you if you put values in grams.

After completing this step, the percent mass calculator gives you the percentage of your mass solute in a chemical compound solution. Also, this depends on the mass percent formula which you are using.

The other amazing thing is that you can also calculate the percent composition of the desired mixture. All you need to do is just enter the number of atoms of the desired element, which are present in the mixture.


Always remember that the mass percentage of the desired solution is independent of the temperature.

What is the mass percent formula?

With the following formula, you can easily calculate the percent mass of any compound in a specific substance.

M% = MC/MS * 100

  • In this formula, M% stand for the mass percent of the specific compound.
  • In this formula, MC stands for the total mass of the compound.
  • Also, MS stands for the total mass of the substance.

How you can easily calculate the mass percent?

If you want to measure the mass of your desired compound, then you should only need the mass of the compound of the material which you want to calculate. Keep in mind that you need to use accurate scales of calculations for this purpose.

For example, the mass of your compound is 50 kg. In the next step, you need to measure the mass of the whole substance. With this step, you will get the mass of your entire solution after successfully analyzing the compound measure.

In this step, you also need to use the measurement technique of step 1. let’s determine, that the entire mass of the solution is measured as 150kg. Finally, you can easily calculate the mass percent using the compound values which are given above.

  • M% = MC/MS * 100
  • Mass Percent = (Mass of Component / Total mass of compound) * 100

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any difference between Mass percent and percent composition?

Answer. The concept of mass percent and percent composition are related to each other. But the main difference is that mass percent gives you the percentage ratio of the component in a mixture, with the total mass of the substance. On the other hand, the percent composition is that it will represent the above percentage, but it is the mass of each element that you use in the mixture.

2. How can I easily measures the masses of compounds?

Answer. With the help of the known masses for every basic element and also make sure to determine how much of each element is in the desired compound.

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