Percentage Calculator 3 way

Percentage Calculator 3 way
Percentage Calculator 3 way

Percentage calculator 3 way is the best and the most accurate calculator. This calculator helps you in solving a range of questions and problems. The 3-way calculator works for 3 kinds of problems. They are:

1. When the percentage and the original number are given, you have to find the new number. 

2. When a new number and original number are given, you have to find the percentage.

3. When a new number and percentage are given, you have to find the original number.

Percentage calculator 3 way calculates the percentage, no matter what problem you give the calculator. The value of the problem will need to be entered in the appropriate column. It easily calculates the values and gives you the answer. 

Our Percentage calculator is one of the best percentage calculators on the Internet. 

Imagine you have a lot of work, and you will have to do all the calculations and conversions yourself. Exhausting, right? Our online calculator will save your time, give the most accurate results, and it’s very easy to use. 

But if you want to do the calculations yourself, we will guide you to find the answers to your problems without any confusion. 

The Three Kinds of Problems

So, there will be three kinds of problems you can encounter. 

1. First, you will have to find the new number, and you are given the original number and the percentage.

You will follow the given steps. We are explaining it with an example for better understanding.


What is 38% of 7540?

Now, what will you do is divide the percentage by 100.

= 38/100

Then, multiply it with the original number.

 = 38/100 * 7500

Multiply 38 with 7500.

= 285000/100

= 2850.

So, 2850 is the new number.

2. Second, you have to find the percentage of the new number out of the original number.

For better understanding, here is an example.


What’s the percentage of 80 out of 690

First, you will divide 80 by 690.

80/690 = 0.11.

Then, multiply it by 100.

0.11 × 100 = 11%

Answer is 11%.

3. Third, after the percentage is calculated and the new number is given, you will need to calculate the original number.

Here is an example for better understanding.


75% of a number is 50. Find the original number.

First, you will take the percentage and the given number equal but putting an equal sign.

75 = 50

Then, divide both sides by the percentage number.

 75/75 = 50/75

         1 = 0.66

  Multiply it with 100.

  1 x 100 = 0.66 x 100

   100 = 66

So, the original number is 66. offers a range of free but highly reliable online calculators. We aim to make calculations easier for you. So, we have developed calculators in 4 categories, i.e., financial, math, chemistry, and others. 

Our calculators can help you solve all of your calculation-related problems and provide you with the most accurate and precise calculations. You can find various percentage calculators on our website, including our percentage calculator 3 way. 

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