How To Make / Change a Fraction Into A Percent Calculator With Whole Number

Do you want a calculator which can solve all your mathematical problems? If yes, then here you will discover multiple new things which can enhance or improve your algebra as well as it will solve all your mathematical queries most easily. Do you want to know how a Fraction Into A Percent Calculator works?

The process of this working on this calculator is simply easy for everyone if you follow the rules. Also, if you think that conversion of fraction into percent or percent into a fraction is difficult, then you need to think about it again because it is not difficult as it seems. So, let’s start with depth details!

Fraction Into A Percent Calculator

Why fraction into a percent calculator is important?

There are multiple reasons which will push you to use this type of mathematical calculator in any place or anytime you want. Most people think that changing the fraction into a percentage is time-consuming and not an easy task to do, but actually, this process of conversion is remarkably simple and easy for everyone.

In a daily life routine, it could be useful for you to get a percentage from a fraction number in just a matter of a few minutes. When you use fractions in a percentage calculator then it will not only give you a better understanding of the maths but also will save you enough time.

What is the simple fraction to percentage procedure?

1. In the first step, you need to only divide the numerator by the given denominator.

2. Add  previous step result and multiply them by 100.

3. After the above step, you will get the result as a percentage. 

What is the appropriate formula for fraction to a percentage? As you know that when you get the formula for converting fraction to percent, then it will be more reliable and efficient for you in many ways. Formula is:

n/d * 100 = p


n represents the numerator

d represents the denominator, and

p as the percentage

In almost every case with fractions, everyone wants to simplify the process of the fraction. But keep in mind that when you want to convert fractions to a percent calculator, then a simplification is not necessary or compulsory.


Let’s assume, we have a 1.5 numerator, and the denominator is 30. With this fraction, you will easily get a percent with the following steps:

P = n/d * 100

P = 1.5/30, which is equal to 0.05

Multiply the result with 100, like 0.05 × 100 = 5%

You will get the result in percentage.

Fraction Into A Percent Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can you easily convert a fraction into a percentage?

Answer. You only need to remember the formula, which is p (%) = n/d × 100, where n is the numerator and d is the denominator.


Assume, your fraction is 4/5. After dividing 4 by 5, you will have 0.80. You need to multiply 0.80 by 100, your result is 80%.

2. How you can convert fractions 3/4 in percentage?

Answer. Remember the formula,

P = n/d *100

l In the first step, divide the numerator by the given denominator,

3/4, which is = 0.75

l In the next step, you need to multiply the result by 100,

0.75 x 100, which is = 75

l The result of the fraction 3/4 in percentage is 75%.

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