How to calculate the percentage between two numbers?

Percentage calculator between two numbers

Percentage calculator between two numbers, Nobody can deny the importance of calculations and how essential percentage is in our lives. We can see percentages being used in daily aspects of our lives. It is used to calculate how much we’ve got out of the total amount or actual. 

It can be in anything, from bills to sales, stocks, or even result cards. As we know, to calculate the percentage, we got to have two values which we can write in p/q form, solve that and get the result in decimal order, and after getting the answer, we will multiply it by 100 to get the required percentage.

However, this is not the only factor determining the percentage. The reason for mentioning this way is that this percentage calculation method is most commonly used. 

Calculating the percentage between two Numbers

There are two ways a percentage can be taken.

First, use the calculator for percentages using two figures. It is the easiest way because it gives you the results in a blink of an eye. You won’t have to solve it to any extent.

Steps to calculate the percentage between two numbers using the “percentage calculator between two numbers:”

1. provide the two given values in the given fields to the calculator.

2. You will get your answer in percentage on the output screen.

Second: If you do not access the Percentage calculator between two numbers, you can quickly solve the equation on paper. You can solve them using different formulas. But we will make it simple and provide you with information that will be easy to understand.


Consider a class with 45 children and 25 absent; what will be the percentage?


We have to divide 25 by 45. As we’ve mentioned earlier, writing the first step in p/q form and multiplying the answer to 100 so:

1. =25/45

2. = 0.5 x 100 (to get the percentage)

                                     = 55 % 

The answer is 55%.

Example 2:

 What will be the percentage if we take 21 apples out of 25 apples?


1. = 21/25

2. = 0.84

3. = 0.84 x 100 

                = 84%

The answer is 84%.

Example 3:

The restaurant makes 80000$ per year, and 30000$ are the per year expenses. Find the percentage?


1. = 30000/80000

2. = 0.375 

3. = 0.375 x 100

              = 37.5%

The answer is 37.5%

Example 4:

Find the percentage of the fraction 17/20?


1. = 17/ 20 (20×5=100) (17×5 =75)

2. = 85/100


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