Percent Decimal Fraction Chart / Table – Worksheet / PDF Printable

In our daily life routine, we use mathematics terms to represent the results. There are some specific terms of mathematics, that puzzle almost every person and they want a simple solution for this problem. Do you know how Percent Decimal Fraction Chart works? If no, then here you will get depth details about the percent Decimal Fraction.

Your concept of these mathematical terms will clear and improve, and this happens when you strictly follow the steps. These are the terms, which everyone uses in their working routine. So, let’s move to the details!

Percent Decimal Fraction Chart / Table - Worksheet / PDF Printable

What is a Fraction?

Term fraction is a part of a whole quantity or acts as several equal parts. In simple words, it will represent how many parts of a specific size are divided by the overall quantity. Keep in mind that a fraction consists of a denominator and numerator such as 1/2.

keep in mind that the numerator is on the above line, where the denominator is under the line. After this basic part, your concept of fractions improves. Moreover, some equal parts of a whole will indicate numerator, and how many parts consist of a whole will represent denominator, and it will not be zero. 


Consider the fraction 2/3. Here, the numerator is 2, which means two equal parts. On the other hand, the denominator is 3, which indicates that three parts make up a whole.

What is a Percent?

The percent is donated by the unique sign of percentage %. For example, consider you need to find 10% of 150, then:

(10/100) x 150



It is clear that 10% of 150 is equal to 15.

How you can convert a fraction into decimal numbers?

It is a simple process to convert fractions to decimal numbers, once you completely know your division. Consider, you have 3/4, so divide it 3 by 4. Also, in some cases, you will get repeated decimals such as if you divide 1/3, then it will give .33.

How you can convert decimals to fractions?

If you want to convert decimal into fraction, then you only need to do is reverse the above step. All you need to do is simply create a fraction with decimal as the numerator and take “1” as the denominator.

After this step, you need to multiply them by ten, and you need to repeat this process after you whole numbers on the top and bottom. For example, .05/1 will automatically become 5/100. All you need to do is simplify the fraction down to 1/20. So, it will be like .05 = 1/20

Example of converting a fraction into percent

Consider, that you need to convert 3/4 to a percent.

This means you need to convert the fraction 3/4 into a decimal.

3/4, which is equal to 0.75

Then, in the next step, you need to multiply the decimal by 100

0.75 x 100 = 75%

Therefore, the result of a 3/4 fraction is 75%.

Listed Questions Answers

1. What is the result of 3/10 as a percentage?

Answer. Simply divide 3 by 10,

  • Which is equal to = 0.3
  • Multiply the obtained decimal by the 100
  • 0.3 x 100 = 30%
  • Thus, the result of 3/10 is 30%.

2. What is the result of 8% into a decimal?

Answer. To convert 8% to a decimal

  • 8% = 8/100
  • Which is equal to = 0.08
  • Thus, 8% is equivalent to 0.08.

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