How To Calculate Win Loss Percentage In Excel – Tie / Ratio

If you are a person who is confused in the calculation of percentages and does not get the right win-loss percentage.

Then you don’t need to worry because you are in the place where you will get authentic information that will give you the idea that How To Calculate Win Loss Percentage easily.

It is not a difficult task for everyone, but when you don’t have basic records in your hand then it will be difficult for you to get a win-loss percentage.

How To Calculate Win Loss Percentage

How you can use the Win-loss percentage calculator?

If you are one of those people who are looking for a convenient win-loss percentage calculator, then you only need to remember the given formula:

Winning Percentage = Games Won / Games Played

With the help of this formula, you can easily get a percentage of your winning games and losing games. Moreover, you strictly need to follow the given simple steps:

  • Input the number of total wins that you experienced.
  • Second, you need to input the number of total losses.
  • You need to add total participated games in which you are involved.
  • After putting all the values in the formula, it will give you the winning and loss percentage of the whole team. Also, it can give you winning and loss percentage of an individual player.

How to calculate the win-loss percentage?

Every beginner seems this process is complicated, but it is a simple and efficient process to calculate the win-loss percentage. If you want to get a percentage value, then it will be calculated as the winning trade or the losing trade. There are few steps through which you can calculate the win/loss percentage:

  • You need to perform additions and after this you will get the sum result of the total number of your attempts.
  • Secondly, divide the given number from the previous successful attempts.
  • Then you need to compute the quotient to the three decimal places to the decimal point. For example, a single win attempt in a total of seven attempts will give you 1/7, which will surely give you a clear win and loss ratio that is equal to 0.142.


Let’s take a real-life example to calculate the win percentage, a professional basketball team has total played 64 games, of which they only have won the 52 games. Now, calculating the winning percentage of this basketball team is as follows:

Winning Percentage = (Successful Matches/ Matches Played) x 100

Putting the values,

Winning Percentage = (52 / 64) x 100 = .8125 x 100

Which is equal to 81.25%

In the same way, you can easily calculate the loss percentage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any other formula through which I can calculate the win-loss percentage?

Answer. Keep in mind that the win/loss percentage is compared with your total won opportunities against your total lost opportunities. To calculate your loss/win percentage, then you need to divide your total number of winning attempts by the total number of lost attempts in your matches.

2. Is there any other convenient tool that can calculate the win/loss percentage?

Answer. Yes, there are multiple online tools that can calculate your desired win/loss percentages of your matches. But what will you do? When you don’t have online access, for this purpose you need to remember the given formula through which you can easily calculate the win/loss percentage.

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