How To Find 30 Percent of A Number On Calculator or in Excel

In our daily life routines, getting a discount percentage is necessary but lots of people don’t know how to calculate the percentage. Are you here to get information that How To Find 30 Percent Of A Number?

If yes, then Don’t worry, we will give a detailed guide through which you can easily get a percentage of any number. So, let’s dive into depth details!

How To Find 30 Percent of A Number

How can you easily find 30 percent of a number?

To find 30 percent of a number, you strictly need to follow the following steps:

1. You need to determine the total amount of what you want to find a percent for.

2. Then you need to divide the number which you wish to determine the percent for.

3. In the last, you need to multiple the value from the recent step two by 100.


If you are willing to know the 30 percent of 100, then first you need to convert 30 percent into a decimal number such as 0.30, then you can multiply it only by 100 such as 0.30 x 100. Thus, 30 percent of 100 is equal to 30.

What is the formula for percentage?

To calculate the desired percentage, you need to multiple this fraction by 100 and keep in mind that add also a percent sign such as 100 * numerator/denominator = percentage. For example, 100* 2 / 5 = 100 *04, which is equal to = 40.

How you will easily get the percentage of two numbers?

If you are willing to calculate the percent A is of B, then you only need to divide the A by B, after that take that number and get the decimal place by two spaces on the right.

How you can find a specific percentage of any number?

Consider, to get 25% of $160? Working on a specific percentage of a number is an interesting and amazing task, which you can easily solve in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is simply convert the percentage which you want to work on into a fraction or a decimal. In this case,

                    25% = 0.25, which means = 1/4

As in this example above, we work on a $160 paycheck:

                    0.25 × $160 = $40

You can repeat the process for any number to find its percentage.

Listed Questions Answers

1. What is the 12 percent of 40?

Answer. Keep in mind the formula of percentage, which is:

l P% = 12 ÷ 40

l P% = 12 ÷ 40, which is equal to = 0.3

l Then in the next step, you need to convert decimal to the percent

l P% = 0.3 x 100 which is equal to 30%

l Thus, 12 is 30% of the 40.

2. What is the 11% of 25?

Answer. Keep in mind the basic formula of percentage,

l Formula: Y = 11% * 25

l Then you need to convert the percent into a decimal number

l 11% ÷ 100, which is equal to = 0.11

l Y = 0.11 * 25

l Y = 2.75

l Thus, 2.75 of 25 is 11%.

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