How to calculate true shooting percentage?

You have heard the old saying, “You can’t teach a man how to shoot,” or, “How to teach someone how to be an athlete.” There are indeed several great athletes who were able to excel in their sport by being highly conditioned and skilled in every area of their bodies. They were also equipped to perform amazing plays on the basketball court, knowing the necessary skills and tactics to make any shot. However, this precision and perfection is not something you can achieve by shooting a basketball ball into a hoop. Let’s learn “How to calculate true shooting percentage?”

How to calculate true shooting percentage
How to calculate true shooting percentage

If you are shooting a basketball you’re not in control of where the ball will go. Even if you made every free throw, you’d still be a “free throw shooter” rather than a true shooting percentage specialist. This is because you cannot control where the ball goes. To become an accurate field goal specialist, you must make a series of calculated shots from a strict non-shooting perspective.

How to calculate true shooting percentage:

Shot percentage experts are only good at accuracy and touch. While these types of shots may look easy, they are anything but. To take a single field goal attempt as a “true” field goal requires extremely accurate shooting form and precise aim. If you have a high touch rating, then you have made most of your shots.

True shooting can be calculated in several ways. Unfortunately, most basketball statistics and records do not include a convenient way to store and retrieve these formulas. Finding calculators to measure shooting efficiency requires research from reputable sources. Additionally, you can search for other players’ shooting percentages. Some websites allow you to set up a custom shooting percentage.

It is also possible to learn how to calculate true shooting percentage by charting your stats throughout your basketball career. During this period, you can plot the results of each season and the overall results across the entire league. You can also plan the effects of individual games and entire teams. By comparing your free-throw shooting with other players in the same age group, playing the same position, and in the same group, you will understand what it takes. You will notice that some free throw shooters have a higher shooting percentage than other less talented free throw shooters, and you may want to focus on improving this skill to achieve a high shooting percentage.

Once you have figured out how to calculate true shooting percentage, you will eliminate many middlemen in the basketball recruiting process. Most coaches think recruiting players will improve their success if the coach is good. These coaches will therefore offer their top recruits cash gifts and scholarships to lure them to their programs. In addition to money, coaches will use other college visits, hotel stays, and other bribes to get these players to commit. Recruits can uncover these dirty tactics by calculating points on each visit. Knowing how to calculate true shooting percentage can determine which recruiters use unfair methods to lure in good players.

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