Advanced Calculator Formula for Percentage Revealed!

Calculator formula for percentage

calculator formula for percentage
calculator formula for percentage

Suppose you are having difficulty understanding the percentage. Fret not! We are here to help. 

You can easily use our percentage calculator. It is a calculator that converts decimal, fractions, and numbers to percentages. You’ll need to input the data and press the enter. It will give you the answer.

Now, you’re probably wondering how a percentage calculator can be accurate. How can a percentage calculator be this fast to answer in a few seconds? How do you locate the calculator that calculates percentages?

Here, we’ll provide all the how’s and the why’s.

Determining the Accuracy

Suppose you want to find the accuracy of the conversion. You can solve those problems and conversions yourself because it’s the best way to clear your doubts.

Now, another question that might be in your head is that ‘How can you do it yourself?’ Well, we will guide and teach you everything about percentage. So, let’s start. 


The term percent has two words, “per” and “cent,” which means “per hundred.” For example, 65% means 65 out of a hundred (100). 


The symbol which represents percentage is “%.”

How to find a percentage:

There are many methods to find percentages. 

· Percentage Formula:

The formula to find percentage is:

         Percentage formula = given value ÷ total value × 100

This is the percentage calculator formula. 

For Example:

Let’s suppose there were a dozen bananas. A monkey eats 3 of them. How many percent does the monkey eat?

Percentage Formula = given value / total value × 100

              Percentage = 3/12 × 100

                                     = 0.25 × 100

                                    = 25% 

The monkey eats 25% bananas.

· Without percentage formula:

It is very important to check the nature of your question. First, determine whether it’s a fraction or a decimal. You must convert in percentage because both are a little different. 

1. For decimal numbers:

It is very easy to convert a decimal number to a percentage. To convert the decimal to a percentage, multiply it with 100.

Example: 1

Convert 8.54 in percentage.

   Percentage = 8.54 × 100

   Percentage = 854%

Example: 2

Convert 0.61 into percentage.

  Percentage = 0.61 × 100

  Percentage = 61%

2. For fraction:

If you’re given the fractional form, you can transform it into percent. In the beginning, you’ll be required to divide the numerator by the numerator. Then, multiply it by a hundred. You will use the same percentage calculator formula. 

Example: 1

Convert 4/20 to percentage.

1. Divide the numerator to denominator.

            = 4/20

            = 0.2

2. Multiply with 100

            = 0.2 × 100

            = 20%

The answer is 20%.

Example: 2

Convert 16/50 in percentage.

1. Divide numerator with denominator.

     = 16/50

     = 0.32

2. Multiply it with 100.

     = 0.32 × 100

     = 32% 

The answer is 32%.

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